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News Release

Maintaining lasting client relationships is one of JLL’s greatest points of pride

Over our 20 years of business in Brazil, JLL has been winning many clients. But retaining these relationships is a key success indicator for the firm.  Our client base includes several clients that are with us for over a decade, and some of them have been our clients almost since JLL started operations in Brazil.

Check out some of these stories:

Quality and efficiency above all else

In property management, one of the most traditional clients is Condomínio Villa-Lobos, in the city of São Paulo. This 18-year-old development is considered a success case: the property remains modern, efficient and competitive.  “We consider Villa-Lobos a gem,” says João Fernandes D´Almeida Filho, director of Singular Partners, one of the owner companies of the building.

According to him, these are opinion leading corporate spaces that house major companies and also a shopping mall that adds to the corporate condo, and vice versa, providing an enjoyable, safe and social interaction environment.

We always seek to have what’s best, more modern and innovative in order to achieve efficiency gains, benchmarking levels and resource savings.  In Villa-Lobos, we’ve learned to understand what preventive measures mean for dealing with the repair and maintenance needs of the building,” he observes.

Because of the distinctive importance of Villa-Lobos building in the Singular Partners’ portfolio, owners think it is key to have experienced, first-rate teams – building manager and staff – to handle the several and different operations and issues that managing a development of this size entails.

The knowledge of the day-to-day life of a building offers good paths for making safe and fruitful decisions.  JLL provides us with their extensive experience and professionals, as well as with building management models and innovation factors for achieving results that reward and stimulate both investors and owners,” says João Fernandes.

The continuous search for the optimum standard of cost and profitability is one of the main features of JLL team in the management of Villa-Lobos building.

With their experience and knowledge of the market, studies and simulations, service provider database, and mainly their ethical stance, JLL meets our needs in a safe way in dealing with properties, occupants and owners,” says João Fernandes, pointing out JLL’s search for cost reduction and maximization of profitability without affecting quality.

An extensive and longstanding partnership

Another long-term client (for 17 years now) is Centro Administrativo Santo Amaro (CASA).

When we acquired CASA, in 2010, JLL was already a longstanding partner; they were already managing the property.  JLL manages several properties of ours and also provides other services to us, like lease management, and has assisted us in some property acquisitions and dispositions,” says Marcelo Scarabotolo, director of São Carlos Empreendimentos e Participações.

In his opinion, the relationship between the two companies is growing stronger because of the quality and results of the services delivered. JLL’s good performance in the leasing of 65% of Edifício Passeio (acting as brokers [non-exclusive agents]) and of 15,000 sqm of City Tower (acting as exclusive agents), both in Rio de Janeiro, led São Carlos to grant JLL exclusive agency for three developments:  CASA, in São Paulo, and Arcos da Lapa and Pasteur 110 buildings, in Rio de Janeiro.

We are highly satisfied with JLL’s work. Despite the challenging times we are living in, the firm is meeting our needs and we can see their commitment to do deals.  We don’t expect magic from our suppliers, but this proactive stance JLL teams have shown in seeking innovative solutions and new technologies and in providing advice to the development group on making the necessary investment in the properties so that they remain attractive, efficient and competitive,” says Scarabotolo.

Among other projects, Scarabotolo mentions JLL’s role in achieving LEED O&M certification for two developments, one of which – Centro Administrativo Rio Negro – has already been sold, and the other one, the City Tower building in Rio de Janeiro, was the first development to receive this certification in the city. Another important aspect is the good relationship with the various teams – from directors and property managers to brokers.

JLL always seeks to align with the interests of São Carlos and this is key to deliver results over time.  So we hope to continue doing business with JLL and, if possible, even increase our business volume with the firm,” he says.

Commitment and ethics

Since Parque Industrial Curitiba (PIC) began operations in 1999, JLL has been managing the industrial park common areas, including safety, cleaning, maintenance, transportation, restaurant, snack bar and on-site clinic.

I’ve been here for 9 years now, but JLL has been with us for 17 years, and we consider them an asset,” says Jeane Amaral, Vice President of ACISPIC (the industrial park tenant association), and Pirelli’s representative.

The Parque Industrial Curitiba, which is actually located in Curitiba’s neighbor city of São José dos Pinhais, is one of the longest term contracts in the automotive sector. The 75,000 sqm industrial park harbors a Volkswagen factory and other businesses in the auto industry.

In Jeane’s opinion, transparency and ethics, in addition to efficiency, are the most distinctive features of JLL as property manager of PIC. “As the current Vice President and former President of ACISPIC, I, as well as the other board representatives, follow closely JLL’s performance.   We feel the proactive and transparent stance of JLL team on promptly bringing to the attention of the board any concerns as well as suggested improvements and innovations that might result in better services to PIC companies and users or in cost reductions, an even more important point at this moment of crisis,” says Jeane.

According to her, ethics in conducting negotiations with suppliers on behalf of ACISPIC is another point to be emphasized.

JLL shows commitment to our needs; we have an excellent partnership with them,” says Jeane.

Customized services

The easy access to JLL managers and openness to present specific needs in connection with the particularities of the governance principles and rapport with associates are aspects emphasized by Antonina Pompeu, commercial asset manager of Previ, the pension fund [of Banco do Brasil's employees] which owns such developments as Edifício CandeláriaTeleporto and Marques dos Reis, in Rio de Janeiro, and Torre Matarazzo and Morumbi Office Tower, in São Paulo.

JLL team is always willing to listen to what we have to say, to think about different solutions for cases outside the curve, such as controls and accountability, bidding methodologies that are transparent and aligned with our internal procedures,” says Antonina.

An example is the provision of a Service Agreement model that meets Previ’s specific needs and the requirements of anti-corruption laws.

It was an initiative that saved both time and resources by eliminating the need to hire legal counsel services or use in-house legal counsel,” she says.

In Antonina’s evaluation, the alignment of beliefs of both sides is among the factors that make their relationship with JLL be so long-standing.

We feel that we share the same principles, such as transparency, ethics, embracing anti-corruption practices, and the search for efficiency and resource optimization.  We think it is this alignment that keeps us as partners,” she says.

As concerns property management, [Previ’s] Engineering Manager Gilson Correa points out JLL’s role in receiving environmental certifications such as LEED for existing buildings and the recent achievement of the National Energy Conservation Label and the PROCEL Seal for Edifício Candelária – which, by the way, was the first building to be under JLL management in Rio de Janeiro and is in the portfolio for 18 years now. According to Gilson, the challenge for certified buildings is to make the operations reflect the potential for energy efficiency.

This is where property management comes into play.  JLL is very focused on efficient operations and this is crucial for helping us achieve expected environmental and financial gains while reducing [energy and] utility consumption and costs,” says Gilson.