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Latest research reports



First Look Industrial - 4th Quarter 2018/brazil/en-us/research/122/firstlook_ind_4q_2018First Look Industrial - 4th Quarter 2018Market recovers in 2018 and presents good perspectives for 2019.
First Look Industrial - 3th Quarter 2018/brazil/en-us/research/119/firstlook_ind_3q_2018First Look Industrial - 3th Quarter 2018With a low volume of returns, the market remains growing in 2018
First Look Industrial - 2th Quarter 2018/brazil/en-us/research/116/firstlook_ind_2q_2018First Look Industrial - 2th Quarter 2018Market keeps the recovery pace and shows a better result compared to the previous quarter
It’s time to sale & leaseback/brazil/en-us/research/115/paper_sale_leaseback_enIt’s time to sale & leasebackHeated market for sale & leaseback operations
First Look Industrial - 4th Quarter 2017/brazil/en-us/research/107/firstlook_ind_4q_2017First Look Industrial - 4th Quarter 2017The industrial market keeps growing and the vacancy rate remains decreasing
Industrial Outlook - 1st Quarter 2017/brazil/en-us/research/99/firstlook_industrial_1q_2017_ptIndustrial Outlook - 1st Quarter 2017Logistics market shows signs of recovery in the face of the economic crisis in the country.