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Capital Markets

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First Look - High-End offices Rio de Janeiro - 3rd Quarter 2016/brazil/en-us/research/67/first_look-high-end_offices_rio_de_janeiro-3rd_quarter_2016First Look - High-End offices Rio de Janeiro - 3rd Quarter 2016The revitalization of spaces, the improvements deployed to transport and road systems and the construction of cultural facilities are part of the improvements made to Porto Maravilha as part of the Urban Operation project.
Lodging Industry in Numbers Brazil 2016/brazil/en-us/research/64/lodging-industry-in-numbers-brazil-2016Lodging Industry in Numbers Brazil 2016Brazil’s RevPAR declined in 2015 for the first time in more than 10 years primarily due to the country’s economic landscape
First Look - Industrial 2nd Quarter 2016/brazil/en-us/research/62/first-look-industrial-2nd-quarter-2016First Look - Industrial 2nd Quarter 2016The space occupied in the logistics market has fallen for the 2nd consecutive quarter, impacted by the consumption reduction, a reflex of the country political and economic moment.
On Point - Office - São Paulo - 2nd Quarter 2016/brazil/en-us/research/63/onpoint-office-saopaulo-2ndquarter2016On Point - Office - São Paulo - 2nd Quarter 2016Different from the last quarter, the net absorption was positive with a little over 8 thousand sqm, showing that new occupancies exceeded the returns of over 43 thousand sqm in the high-end stock of São Paulo.
Lodging Industry in Numbers Brazil 2014/brazil/en-us/research/37/lodging-industry-in-numbers-brazil-2014Lodging Industry in Numbers Brazil 2014The research Lodging Industry in Numbers – Brazil 2014, presents the latest figures from the Brazilian hospitality market, detailing performance data provided by more than 450 Brazilian hotels, condo hotels and resorts during 2013.
Brazil Retail Overview 2013 - 2014/brazil/en-us/research/29/brazil-retail-overview-2014Brazil Retail Overview 2013 - 2014The retail sector in Brazil has had a tremendous growth in the past years and the vast majority of developers today understand its value. Most new urban office tower and hotel have a retail component.