Construction of Cancun International Airport Terminal IV

JLL was hired by ASUR to manage the construction of its newest terminal. The Cancun International Airport receives the most international flights in Latin America.


Construction of Cancun International Airport Terminal IV, featuring 11 gates and a retail area


Airport capacity has grown from 21 million to 30 million passengers per year
Cost: 200M USD 
Year of completion: 2017


80,000 m2, consisting of three design fronts: Project Air Side, Project Land Side y Project Terminal Building

Upon successfully completing Cancun International Airport´s Terminal III, JLL was hired by ASUR to manage the construction of its newest terminal (Terminal IV).

JLL was selected due to its size, capabilities, reach and performance in the region.
Terminal IV is an 80,000 m2 project featuring three design fronts:

Project Air Side: design for the areas of operation in the comercial platform, aircraft support and maintenance area.
Project Land Side: operating all outdoor public spaces, public parking, and ground transportation
Project Terminal Building: balance between the need to use the facilities of passengers, airlines, authorities, etc.


As stipulated in Terminal III, JLL had to manage the design, construction and budgets related to the furniture, accessories and equipment of the project; staring from the conception of Terminal III and its master plan carried out by Copenhagen Airports International.

Additionally, due to the complexity of an airport with a live operation both from the land side and from the air, all the details had to be taken into account to meet both the budget and the stipulated time frame.


"Having a Project Manager like JLL,  with its level of professionalism and expertise guaranteed us that Terminal IV met all of the quality and safety requirements we had established for the Project, and that this Project was able to be completed on time, record time"

Carlos Trueba Coll, Director, Cancun International Airport

The Terminal´s retail component increased significantly in percentage with respect to Terminal III. Due to this, team dedicated much more time to coordinate all different suppliers. 
Many changes arose with the General Contractor during the construction phase. For this reason, JLL had to make several executive decisions to mitigate the risk of not opening by the established due date, and in some cases had to deal with the subcontractors directly.


On October 31, 2017, Former Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto inaugurated Terminal IV. The Cancun International Airport showed growth from 21 million to 30 million passengers per year, making this the airport with most international operations in Latin America.