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The program, also known as ARI, helps people from different countries, including Brazil, who want to settle in or invest in the Portuguese residential market.

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"Throughout the process of searching for the ideal place and even after closing, Ana Montes Palma's assistance helped us immensely. I am convinced that, without this support in a transparent, ethical and respectful manner, always with great calm and patience, it would not be possible to acquire the property - not least because we were unable to make any face-to-face visits, everything was done virtually at a time of global turmoil.

I recommend it 100%  and I believe it has a huge market for Brazilian customers. If all people looking for a property in Portugal have the opportunity to try the JLL service, they will have even more motivation in their search. I'm thankful for all the affection and patience (I am aware that there was a lot) with me and my family. Be sure that you don't just sell apartments, houses, land etc; you sell dreams come true in the most perfect and objective way possible, and I am a great example of it all. Today, I can say that I have fulfilled the big dream of my life, to be able to set up a base for my family in Portugal."

- Marcelo Filho and Juliana Farinha

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Discover the real stories of three people who choose Lisbon, Porto and Algarve every day to invest, work and live.
Full of stories of entrepreneurship, irreverence and ambition, Portugal is a truly global destination, considered one of the best in the world, and increasingly a country to work, invest and live in.

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Paulo Casoni
Diretor, Vendas de Portfólios
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André Rosa
Diretor, Capital Markets