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We develop the best strategies and solutions for your property.

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Our ambition is to enhance the performance of your property, reduce operating costs and increase the satisfaction and retention of tenants.
Operational and Technical Management

Creation of strategies to keep all projects updated, renewed and optimizing resources and costs, all combined with efficient management.

Financial management

From the detailed preparation of the budget to the payment and entry of expenses, we take care of everything to keep the finances of your enterprise always in order with transparency, ethics and agility.

Administrative management

A dedicated and experienced team, with the support of robust tools, with well-designed processes and procedures, achieving objectives and goals more easily.

Contract and Document Management

We adopt the best market practices and advanced systems, ensuring regularity and document compliance.

Property Management in numbers:

90 +

managed enterprises in Brazil

R$ 21 bi + 

of assets under management

3.8 mi + 

m² under management in Brazil

Related solutions

Operational Consulting

We deliver multidisciplinary solutions to the enterprise that favor the final product. Our team provides guidance during the project's design, construction and operation phase, resulting in operational efficiency, property valuation and a more attractive condominium cost.

Infrastructure Inspection

We analyze the operation and infrastructure of the property, point out good operating practices and the items that need corrections or maintenance. Through a technical report, we present suggestions for improvements to ensure good management, reducing maintenance costs and valuing the property.

Asset Management

We take and coordinate all actions so that you have control over the assets and capture greater return on your real estate investments. We manage your rentals.

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