Yishai Lerner

Co-CEO, JLL Technologies

Yishai is driven by finding creative, innovative and technical solutions to large problems. 
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Yishai joined JLL in 2017 as Co-CEO of JLL Spark, the strategic venture fund investing in proptech startups, injecting innovation into JLL service delivery to the benefit of the firm's clients and the industry as a whole. In 2019, Yishai was named Co-CEO of JLL Technologies, a newly formed to division to align and expand JLL's technology products and services, at which point he also joined the Global Executive Board.

Accelerating technology adoption in commercial real estate is the latest challenge he is tackling after having sold Mob.ly, a startup he Co-founded with Mihir Shah to Groupon. He was also the first employee at numerous mobile startups after an early career building artificial intelligence for video games at Activision Studios. Yishai has angel invested and advised many startups including Uber and Boom Supersonic.

Yishai helped scale Groupon’s engineering team from a dozen to over 500 developers worldwide. He brought to fruition Groupon’s first consumer mobile applications followed by merchant products and tools. He was instrumental in helping Groupon scale development and built teams to grow Groupon's mobile business from 0% revenue to 50% of gross merchandise value, merge technology and platforms of numerous acquisitions and led a global migration to a shared SOA architecture. In 2013, Yishai was acting global engineering SVP and CTO orchestrating all core Groupon software development worldwide. In this role, he ran a global e-commerce platform processing over $5B in GMV annually. Additionally, Yishai led due diligence for many of Groupon's corporate and technology acquisitions.

Prior to the acquisition of Mob.ly by Groupon, Yishai was its CTO and Co-founder. Mob.ly built a number of category-leading location-based mobile applications.

Before co-founding Mob.ly, Yishai was the first engineer at two mobile startups. He helped found Carrier IQ, a cell phone provider focused data analytics platform. CarrierIQ at its peak was embedded on a majority of US cell phone devices including many iPhone and Android models. He was also the first engineer at Core Mobility where he helped develop many native product lines for wireless carriers including a Push-To-Talk service for Sprint/Nextel. Core Mobility was later acquired by Smith Micro.

Yishai Lerner holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he concentrated in Artificial Intelligence and contributed to the MIT Media Lab.