Coronavirus (COVID-19) resources for real estate

As COVID-19 impacts communities around the world, we want to help you navigate its implications for your workplace, your asset(s) and the global real estate markets.


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JLL stands with the Black community. We do not and will not tolerate racism or discrimination. We are committed to continuing to find and create opportunities to further inclusion and diversity as key tenets of our culture and organization.

JLL announces ambitious new program in 2019 Global Sustainability Report

“Sustainability is more important than ever to address the impacts of COVID-19.” Christian Ulbrich, Global CEO, JLL

Coronavirus (COVID-19) resources for real estate

This updated report looks at the lessons from China, the global policy response and the practical challenges businesses will face for re-entry, as well as capital market implications and sector-specific impact.


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Ambitions Magazine: The Cities Issue

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