JLL Mexico's headquarters renovation

To continue to stay at the forefront of workplace and corporate spaces, JLL Mexico
decided to renovate its Mexico City headquarters.


Two office floors, dining area, terrace completely redesigned and remodeled to satisfy client and employee needs. 


Offer a innovate and functional space for our employees that provides a positive environment to engage in business with clients.


1,200 sqm. completely redesigned and enhanced

Four generations of employees are now working together, each with different styles. The workplace has changed radically in recent years. When you factor in rapidly evolving competition, and technological and social change, it’s clear how vital it is for businesses to future-proof their workplaces if they want to thrive for years to come.

In 2017, JLL decided to reflect corporate space trends and workplace cutting-edge concepts in its corporate offices to improve and satisfy the needs of clients and employees.

For this reason, the firm decided to start the Mexico City office headquarters remodeling project as soon as possible.


How we did it?

A team of multidisciplinary experts was built led by the JLL Mexico´s Project & Development Services (JLL PDS Mexico) team. JLL PDS Mexico managed all construction and administrative aspects of the project from beginning to end.

By understanding the work space as an experience for employees and clients and not just as a physical place, we set out to develop a design that contributes to the wellbeing of employees and that could generate an impact on business development by promoting collaboration and increasing work productivity.

Working alongside Gensler and thanks to their innovative vision for the project, together we created a design inspired in shapes and textures from nature, reflecting constant evolution and growth. The result was a warm, welcoming, flexible, and functional space that contributes to the well-being of employees, generating a direct impact in developing business, promoting teamwork, and increasing work productivity.

Collaborating with our allies and partners was a key element to ensure a successful project: furniture and details was done by IHO, Vitra, Herman Miller y Bentley; lighting was done by Lutron; audiovisual and tech support was done by Arcoustix.

This change impacted directly JLL´s work culture. JLL´s Change Management team joined the process to lead all efforts in this change with the purpose to create a united front and provide collaboration between employees. This team developed new behavior policies, workplace policies and help better the employee experience during the renovation process.

The result was a successful project in every way. Users enjoy the new space, which positively impacts in comfort and productivity.

"We wanted to create a space that combined top interior design, the latest technology, functional work stations to guarantee employee comfort, excellent lighting, and work areas destined to optimize productivity.”

Pedro Azcué, | CEO JLL Mexico & Chairman JLL Latin America

The greatest added value in this renovation was the contribution and application of knowledge by all JLL areas and specialties. This has allowed the project to be a complete success, not only in the administration and construction aspect, but also in functionality and adaptation to the latest trends in corporate spaces.

Location: Mexico City

Arquitect: Gensler

Project Management / Construction Management: JLL 

Year of Completion: 2018