Client story

Nextel Latin America

NII Holdings partnered with JLL to use rebranded services with combined design and project management to create strong brand connections with customers across Latin America. We ended up building strong friendships and relationships with the brand.


Delivered across 5 countries


$10M under budget

Square Feet

2,000 locations

“To have all the controls at your fingertips is crucial to this kind of project. Our challenge was to grow our retail points of presence across Latin America. This included Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru and Mexico and involved creating 800 new points of sale while simultaneously rebranding 2,000 different points of presence.”

“We didn’t have the expertise or the scale to do this, which is why we partnered with JLL. They have experienced, multi-site project management professionals who could be deployed throughout Latin America. We particularly valued the in-market expertise they brought to the table, because knowing the nuances of each individual country can make or break a project. This means not only understanding the legalities and regulatory issues of each country, but also knowing the feet-on-the-ground players such as the contractors and vendors.

We established an extremely aggressive timeframe. We contracted with JLL in January 2011 and by April they had built a prototype store. After spending the next month making refinements, construction began in three stores in Brazil. A few months after that, we opened more than 800 rebranded locations as part of our new brand launch.

JLL obviously knew how it needed to get done. They used streamlined rebranding services that combined design and project management into one seamless process that allowed us to efficiently deploy our new brand identity throughout Latin America. This, in turn, ensured that the customer experience at the stores reflects all aspects of the brand—creating a stronger brand connection with current customers, while attracting high value individuals and driving revenue.

What I learned is that for a multinational project like this, it is key to have an established team in the United States to manage the overall scope of the project and budget. This really helps to drive the scale efficiencies, as well as the vendor and cost efficiencies. It establishes the protocols and drives the behaviors, but it doesn’t change the way people do business locally. Our experience with JLL was very fruitful. We learned a lot. We accomplished our tasks. We built a very good professional partnership. And along the way we built some good relationships and friendships.”

-Ivan Montalvo, Senior Director of Sales and Distribution, NII Holdings