World class offices

Viacom wanted its Bogota office to reflect the company's brand as the office in New York or London do.


200 m2


2 months


Bogota, Colombia

The US international mass media conglomerate, owner of Paramount Pictures Corporation, MTV Networks, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central, Viacom, had the ambition to create a new office space in Bogota that would reflect the company’s different brands the way their headquarters in New York and London do.

We want awesome offices that reflect our strong brand culture. We want them to be in line with the company’s headquarters in New York and London.

Viacom wanted its offices to be impressive. The biggest challenge without any doubt was the short construction timeline, – just a month for all the design works and procurement, and a month for construction.

The perfect design development that would meet our clients’ expectations and aspirations, the one where the employees would feel comfortable, was realized in one month.  

The construction scope of works included a complete central office fit-out including meeting rooms, cafeteria and storage areas. 

At JLL, we managed to meet the project delivery deadlines and realized the very design the client had in mind.