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Get support designing, configuring and implementing a platform. We’ll oversee technology deployment, drive user adoption, and deliver the analytics that support strategic decision making and impact portfolio performance.   

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Digitization changes how business is done, how the enterprise operates and how people work. Transform your workplace with market-tested technologies and strategies.

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Ten truths about IWMS solutions

IWMS is not a luxury but an essential part of the enterprise technology landscape. Read on for 10 tips on making an IWMS platform work for you.

Technology solutions

An IWMS platform helps optimize the use of real estate resources, including the management of portfolio, infrastructure and facilities assets. As the largest and most successful IWMS implementer in the world, we provide dedicated practices and expert certification.

IWMS solutions we can implement:

Keep your enterprise moving toward the future with enterprise asset management (EAM) solutions and maintenance systems, which are at the heart of facility management.

Business intelligence (BI) begins with trusted, integrated data that sets the foundation for the types of reporting and analytics that drive informed decision making. With data governance in place, you can develop integrations from various systems, improve automation, design BI solution architecture and reduce potential data inaccuracy.

Elevating the occupier experience is the new workplace mandate. Leverage mobility solutions to optimize the workplace experience and connect your employees to the resources they need to feel engaged, empowered and fulfilled.

Smart buildings integrate building and workplace systems for a smarter experience while enhancing employee engagement and fulfillment. They reflect an organization's culture, image and brand — helping attract the best talent. Smart building technologies can create an environment that is more efficient, productive, wellness-focused and secure compared to traditional offices.

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Digital management

Ensure long-term success of your technology investments. Let our project and program management experts handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on driving real estate performance and value.

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Rise above the complexity with leading-edge technology consulting strategies that solve your transformation, integration, and optimization challenges.

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Digital implementation helps solve the common challenges of manual processes, governance, data integrity and reporting analytics, which helps you become more analytical, data oriented and supportive of corporate goals.