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Work designed for life

Build a world of work that’s as dynamic and motivating as the people who work there.

In today’s connected, always-on world, the lines between work and personal life have blurred, creating new expectations around how we work. Keeping employees engaged and inspired requires a fresh approach.
Our holistic view – one focused on achieving business goals, while also achieving better health, wellness, and happiness for your employees – enables and promotes success wherever, and however you work..  
We’re ready to create experiences that help individuals and teams thrive in a world that extends way beyond the 9 to 5.

Featured solutions

You can focus on developing and supporting your people.
We’ll focus on anticipating and solving their experience needs. 
Experience / Workplace

Building a successful world of work requires the creation of culture and a sense of belonging for your employees. We create environments and programs to elevate engagement and enhance productivity. 

Experience / Wellbeing

Today, no world of work can exist without a focus on wellbeing. We provide products that support comprehensive wellbeing: physical, mental, and emotional. 

Experience / Facilities

Without a strong foundation – you can’t keep growing. We deliver products that sustainably support the safety, comfort and efficiency of your workplace. 

Experience / Anywhere

We provide solutions to seamlessly integrate and support your employees, regardless of their physical workplace. 

Work designed for life

We work to bring you the best. 
We partner with you to build a comprehensive strategy, help you implement and deliver, and collaborate with an ecosystem of proven partners to deliver in certain areas. We integrate technology into all areas of our strategy and delivery – allowing for more seamless delivery and accurate measurement and ongoing optimization.

WEBINAR: Supporting health and well-being in the work-from-anywhere era

Why it’s crucial for employers to establish a workplace wellness program.

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Smart buildings

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