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Solve complex location investment initiatives and be confident you are making optimal site selection and location strategy decisions.

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Location footprint strategy

Optimize the geographic configuration of your operations to achieve strategic, financial, talent and risk objectives to improve business performance.

Redeployment & consolidation strategy

Identify activities/business processes within the organization with merit for redeployment and/or consolidation to geographies that deliver operating cost savings and improve talent recruitment and retention.

Location strategy

Identify and analyze markets across a range of factors - talent market, demographics, industry activity, competition, cost of living and more - to select a location that will achieve your unique business, financial and operational objectives.

Talent market analysis

Analyze an extensive list of talent market consideration to validate the merits for business operations and viability for expansion and further investments.

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Where organizations choose to locate is a decision of significant and strategic importance, as decisions on new locations, expansions and consolidations can significantly impact operating and financial performance. More and more, organizations seek to leverage the positive returns that a well-developed location strategy can provide.

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Yara Matsuyama,Director, Real Estate Business - Office
Yara Matsuyama
Director, Real Estate Business - Office