Workplace & occupancy strategy

Put technology and data-driven strategies to work. Apply the latest workplace models, use space more effectively, and understand the impact on your portfolio and people.

Featured digital products & solutions

Monitor, measure and analyze how your space is used. Optimize your workplace by reducing occupancy costs, creating agile spaces, and fostering employee engagement. Data-driven tools give you the insights to make smart workplace decisions.
Utilization intelligence

Benefit from a holistic program that combines industry-leading technology and workplace expertise to drive employee engagement and productivity while reducing costs and underutilized space.

JLL InSite

Get custom, code-compliant test-fits and 3D renderings – overlaid with build-out cost data – to easily compare locations, layouts and budgets before making a big workplace decision.

Workplace strategy

Create a vision for your workplace that fosters innovation and improves business performance. Design appealing, flexible spaces that reflect your culture and are suited to employees’ needs. 

Computer-aided design services

Combine best-in-class technologies with leading-edge expertise to oversee your site, building or campus drawings. Create, maintain and update AutoCAD/Revit drawings for your current space.

Benchmark your way to a smarter workplace

Learn how 100+ organizations across the globe use their office space. Our Occupancy Benchmarking Guide provides invaluable benchmarking data to help you make informed workplace and portfolio decisions.

JLL InSite: Bring your vision to life

Strategize, plan, and build your space with unparalleled confidence and precision. JLL InSite’s single, cohesive solution delivers accurate, actionable, code-compliant plans to save you time and avoid costly redesign.

Related products & solutions

Human experience strategy

Optimize your most important asset: your people. Create human experience strategies that attract and retain top talent while enhancing employee productivity and engagement.

Human experience services

Bring together your culture and experience goals in a comprehensive strategy that heightens the experience for employees and guests.

Project management

Transform your space. Closely manage every element of design and construction to bring your vision to life.

Digital solutions

Combine digital expertise, industry-leading processes, and best-in-class technologies to build a successful business strategy and achieve your enterprise ambitions.

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