Water: efficient management and rational use are key in commercial real estate

The growing number of sustainable buildings shows that the property market is already aware of its role.

March 22, 2018

Commercial buildings, logistics condominiums, shopping malls and hotels are major consumers of water. Therefore, efficient management is a fundamental part of the management activities in these enterprises.

According to Evaldo Pisani, Technical Manager of JLL's Property Management area, the growing number of sustainable buildings shows that the property market is already aware of its role in the efficient management of water resources and also in education and awareness of the building users.

The executive also points out that the advancement of building technology and management tools have brought forth new systems and solutions for efficient water management in commercial real estate.

"New buildings already come to the market incorporating practices for the rational use of water resources. In the existing ones, we analyze the potential for consumption reduction and develop actions that may include changes in operation and maintenance routines until the renovation of facilities or implementation of new, more economical equipment, such as sanitary ware and metals, for example," explains Pisani.

From the economic point of view, commercial real estate is long-term investment, which must be profitable for owners or investors during their lifecycle. Water and energy together account for 20% of the operating cost. It is clear, therefore, that rational use and efficient management are also fundamental for the financial sustainability of the enterprise.

However, in order for actions for the rational use of water to achieve effective results, occupants, owners and employees involved in the operation must be engaged. And one of the commitments of property managers is to turn occupants into conscientious consumers.

Nowadays, even though there is a culture incorporated by the property market for the efficient use of water, it is necessary to carry out constant awareness campaigns, connect users to strategies, reinforcing their active participation to achieve goals.

"Commercial real estate have served people and businesses for decades. In this way, it is vital that they pay attention to the water issue. Drinking water shortage is a global problem and we cannot afford to waste this natural resource," Pisani states.

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